Today’s digital eco-system is changing rapidly. Let us help you feel comfortable on the internet, no matter how small or big the issue. 


No matter how small, no matter how big; your Information Technology issues are our breeze. 


Why keep a good question in? Get in touch today.

Not always, no. The marketing on the NBN has been amazing by government & telco’s. Give us a call to discuss your needs today.

No, definitely not. Depending on your needs you could spend as little as $400 for a PC, monitor, mouse & keyboard connecting you to the rest of the world.

The answer to this is in a question. Do you own a mobile phone? If you do, then that’s all you need. You can keep your current business number and run your phone system from your mobile instead of a costly new exercise!


Chris helped.
Chris & the team at Backseat take a common sense and ''layman's'' approach to IT, Technology & training. Backseat don't talk "techno-babble" and keep it simple. Chris continues to deliver training & expertise to our participants & staff.
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